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doit.org is home to software projects and other hacks I've written over the years. Some of this stuff is really old and may not work anymore. Feel free to browse around.

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Software Projects
JukeboxMP3 Jukebox (2002)
MeBayeBay client (2000)
x10X10 home automation system (1999)
HurlSimple automated browsing applet (1999)
MuffinWeb filtering system (1997)
rshellMenu based restricted shell for Unix accounts (1993)
rplayNetwork audio system (1992)
itSecure multi-user Internet talk system for 4.3BSD (1991)
Other Hacks
udhcpc scriptsDebian scripts for the udhcpc DHCP client (2002)
nsupdateFairly secure dynamic DNS update using CGI and Bind (2002)
rpmon.plperl gtk rplay monitor (2000)
gifScriptable GIF creator using GD (1995)
tgifSet transparent color in GIF files (1994)
xpilotAdded map decorations and sound support
FvwmAudiorplay sound module for FVWM; now FvwmEvent (1993)
ctwmAdded rplay sound support (1992)
xtankAdded rplay sound support (1992)
akzCreate lots of zombies -- bored in the CS lab (1992)
fishpoleFish for passwords on 4.3BSD (1992)
Java Applets
Missile Commando IIBased on Missle Command (1996)
CentipedoBased on Centipede by Atari (1996)
logoAnimated SDSU logo (1996)
Miata AnimationOnce used by miata.net (1996)
CrazyCounterSilly counter (1996)
Netscape Animation FunUseless (1996)
Missile CommandoBased on Missle Command (1995)
StarbaseArcade game (1995)
Slot MachineSimple slot machine (1995)

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